With Merchant, you can enter product information one time, in one place, and your POS & Website update at the same time.
Point of Sale

POS Features

The Merchant POS has a number of features to make your life easier including the Repair/Service tracker.

Real-Time Integration


Repair/Service Tracker

  - Save time and effort
- Gather critical business intelligence
- Make more money
leveraging the built-in real-time integration with your website, mobile site, and Facebook marketing efforts.
    - Track services and repairs for each customer
- Claim tickets for each repair job
- Track parts and service
- Track accessories with equipment
- Part used in repairs are automatically pulled from inventory


Easy-to-Use Interface


Mobile Capability

  - The interface requires very little training for new employees.
- Large, chunky controls that are easy to see and use with fingers when utilizing a tablet. 
- Many interface elements are hidden until they are needed, and simple instructions show the operator how to proceed.
    - Take your POS system with you when you do a consumer show, or when you have a sidewalk sale.
- Our system is designed to run on iPads and Tablets to give you mobility and flexibility when and where you do business with your customers.

Quickbooks Integration


Serialized Sales

  - Import products, transactions, taxes collected and more into Quickbooks from our point-of-sale system.     - Tracks serialized sales and inventory
- Tracks sale date and customer
- Tracks which rep sold the serialized

Suspended Accounts Feature


Automatic Backups

  - After adding items at a mobile station, suspend an account and pick it back up at the primary checkout
    - Backups happen automatically in a secure location in the cloud. You no longer have to worry about managing backups.

Customer Accounts


Inventory Control

  - Saves important customer info and notes
- See stats; when they last bought, how much they spend, etc
- Integrated with email marketing tool
- Track rewards points

    - Tracks inventory levels
- Runs inventory on hand report
- Populates POs based on what items need to be ordered
- Tracks what you've ordered and what's been received
- Easily prints bar codes


Vendor's Area


Purchase Orders & Orders Received

  - Quickly create new vendor accounts
- View Purchase order history by vendor
- View Shipping Orders received by vendor
- Vendor names are dynamically viewable from each product page so you can select your preferred vendor per item

    - Quickly create new POs for unique vendors
- Products that have reached the reorder point are automatically suggested for reorder
- Easily compare POs against inventory actually received
- Inventory is automatically updated when items are marked "received"

Gift Certificate Options


 Rewards Program

  - Accept gift certificates easily with our intuitive POS system.     - Automated point tracking system
- Customers earn points per dollar spent
- Set the reward and point target




  - Compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile devices     - How to Videos
- Live Webinars
- Written Tutorials
- Support line and email